The Project

The client’s inspiration for the dining renovation are the food halls from the 1900s located in old industrial spaces (like Chelsea Market in New York), with exposed brick, wood and steel. The Corbett-Parmelee building was built in 1964 and is a wonderful example of mid-century architecture with a concrete structure. What the building lacked in the desired physical attributes, the design team made up for in the spirit of the building. The facility was stripped down to the structure and the venues and kitchen added back as a central element. This provides a unification of the two dining spaces (Corbett and Parmelee) to one cohesive and flowing space.


The Details

Project Type: Renovation
Project Size: 30,000 SF
Completed: 2018
Client: Colorado State University
Services: Planning, Programming, Architecture and Interior Design
Certification: LEED Gold

Dining hall architecture design