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Why Design Matters at KSQ.


Every so often you get an opportunity to re-examine your work from a new perspective. In the last couple of years, that’s exactly what we’ve done at KSQ.

We began to think about our practice of architecture a little differently. We wanted to pinpoint not just what we do and how we do it (those are fairly easy questions to answer), but more importantly why do we do what we do? The answer to that question, we decided, could be a driving force to shape our firm’s future.

In short, this was a process to uncover what was at our core. What we found was a simple yet powerful idea: a passion for using design to shape a sense of community. Relationships – from students in school to caregivers in a hospital or families in a condominium – is what life is all about.

This ability to bring people together is why design matters. Beyond architecture, our practice also includes interior design, planning and engineering. Design, we realized, is what ties it all together.

At KSQ, we’re design professionals from many disciplines working together to build robust communities. And while we’ve grown tremendously in the last few years, we’re still very much a family–our own little microcosm of community–and still pretty fun to work with. But then again, we designed it that way.

Welcome to KSQ Design.

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4 responses to “Why Design Matters at KSQ.”

  1. Nicely done! It has been a joy to work with your architectural and interior design staff over the past years. Are you now adding the electrical engineering in house?

    If so, I would like the opportunity to meet your electrical engineering team members working within Oklahoma. For those outside of Oklahoma, I would greatly appreciate receiving their contact information.

    We will work with the entire team to provide quality lighting products that fit the applications. Thank you,

    Tom Rorabaugh

  2. James Shaughnessy says:

    Congratulations, KSQ Design! Continue your great work.

  3. Jane Morgan says:

    Looking forward to assisting KSQ Design in the future.
    All of your CORE searching is coming together and will be worth it!

    Jane Morgan

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