Architecture | Planning | Interior Design

KSQ provides a full range of professional services including architecture, planning, programming, and interior design. Our common areas of practice include higher education and K-12 facilities, mixed-use and multi-family housing, commercial, residential, workplace and historic preservation. Whatever sector the project falls under we use our study, collaborate, and design approach to ensure a deep understanding of the objectives, the goals of our clients, and the environment in which the end-users can thrive.


We’ve all experienced a building or place that inspires and moves us. This speaks to the heart of our approach to the practice of architecture–that good design truly matters. We believe design impacts the human experience at every level, from how one “feels” when entering a space to how a building creates a place where community can thrive. Both of these contexts, the personal and the communal, are key to how we design all buildings. This purpose of creating community is of particular importance to KSQ, as a sense of connectedness through design is reflected in our mission statement and drives not only what we do by why we do what we do.


Without a road map, how can we be certain of where we are headed? This philosophy guides our approach to planning, whether for higher education, K12 schools, a healthcare facility or new multifamily assignment. Ensuring our clients have a thoughtful assessment of user needs and preferences, current building conditions, financial implications, land use challenges and opportunities, and other relevant factors all play a role in how we create a roadmap for project success.

Interior Design

The KSQ approach to interior design serves as a bridge between architecture and the ultimate end-user experience. Our extensive team of interior design experts work as part of the project team from kickoff through final completion to ensure the unique personality of a particular building is well articulated throughout the space. In projects large and small, our thoughtful approach and attention to detail allow every user to feel like the space was custom designed for their needs. Isn’t that what good design is all about?