Throwback: KSQ Designs for the Fashion Big Top

Fashion and interior design are two industries starting to collide and collaborate more, with fashion designers (like Zac Posen) embarking on interior design projects and interior designers (like Philippe Starck) trying their hand at fashion design. Such was the case when members of KSQ’s interior design team participated in the IIDA TX OK’s 2015 Color & Couture Fashion Show. Join us for a Throwback Thursday look at KSQ’s part in “The Big Show.” The International Interior Design Association (IIDA) of Texas and Oklahoma put on “The Big Show” and invited people to “Come one, come all to the greatest show on Earth! You won’t want to miss this event that blurs the lines between architecture, interior design and fashion by using finish materials to create original couture pieces…” Members of KSQ’s interior design team decided to blur the lines and take on the challenge of designing an original fashion creation made entirely out of interior design materials with a circus theme. The team consisted of Chauncey Smith, Bethany Lea, Adriana Vadasz, Jasmine Rikin, Nancy Pounds, RA, NCIDQ, Jenna Hodges, Kaitlin Jones and Erin Courtney from KSQ, and Mannington representative Jess Armstrong. The team created a Pinterest board to easily share ideas and soon came up with the idea of The Human Cannon Ball; a post-firing outfit worn by the woman shot out of the cannon. [caption id="attachment_4077" align="aligncenter" width="760"]Fashion design sketch Design sketches by Nancy.[/caption] The team had design principles on their side as they set about creating a couture piece. Lindy Donnelly, an interior designer who worked as head designer for Tommy Hilfiger previously, explained the connection to Interior Design magazine:

“There are design principles that both practices share when creating furnishings in a space or an ensemble of clothing: determining a focal point, creating the silhouette, balancing proportion and details.”
KSQ’s team used these principles, SketchUp, and rubber tiles when they designed the bodice of the outfit. The team cut rubber tile (Manning Frank Blue flooring tile), drilled tiny holes into each tile and then connected the tiles with tiny jump rings. The bodice was then custom-fitted to Adriana who volunteered to be the model. Model fitting Mannington products

Jasmine used SketchUp to create the bodice, and Chauncey used resilient flooring to create the bra. 

When the team was unable to get the material they intended to use for the skirt they improvised and used tulle. “It worked in the end,” said Nancy. “But, it took a lot of alterations to arrive there–six or seven, I believe.” IIDA Fashion Show They caught a break when the resilient flooring they needed for the helmet was pre-cut into half inch strips by the manufacturer. [caption id="attachment_4081" align="aligncenter" width="768"]Adriana models the beginning of the helmet Jasmine designed. Adriana models the beginning of the helmet Jasmine designed.[/caption] The team finished off the look with metal braids, goggles, jewelry courtesy of Kendra Scott, and hair and makeup inspired by Steampunk. Steampunk At one point Adriana realized she would be driving to the event (about an hour away in Oklahoma City) in full makeup and hair, but she was undeterred by the strange looks she got on the highway and at Jimmy Johns when she stopped in for lunch. When Adriana arrived at The Big Show she was photographed and presented to the judges (who had already reviewed the team’s sketches and design). She waited backstage and then took to the runaway. IIDA TX OK “The runway was awesome,” said Nancy. “It was amazing to see what everybody created, and Adriana blasted down the runway and made us all proud.” IMG_0114 The winner outfit of the night was made with 65 pounds of citron yellow glass tile, but KSQ’s team felt like they won for having an experience that allowed them to connect with each other on a different level. Nancy explains, “These kinds of projects make my colleagues my friends. It was a great group–always ready to work, even amidst deadlines and other obligations. The team sacrificed free time to make this happen, and we all learned we can make this happen; we can take our interior design skills and apply them to fashion. We might want to have different material options the next time though."