Meet the Professor: Working with former students is fun.

It's not every day a professor leaves the classroom to join an office of former students, but that's exactly the case with Rick Bartholomew, a long-time interior design guru at Oklahoma State University who recently left campus to join the interiors team at KSQ. We wanted to know what makes him tick, what inspired him to pursue this career and how he's liking this new chapter. Being the nice guy that he is, he gave us some answers. Q: Why did you choose a career in interior design? A: Interior design has always been a creative outlet for me personally, working closely with a project/client developing interior architecture details, researching and documenting ways to fabricate all types of interior products.  Interior design is an intimate connection to architecture, of which I love to study and be knowledgeable.  My interest in the design field began in the sixth grade when I won first prize in the hobby show constructing a model of a German chalet. Q: What aspects of your career most speak to you? A:  I am passionate about being creative in the work environment, creating construction drawing details, product design, and free-hand sketching and color rendering illustrations.  And, since my teaching career at Oklahoma State University, I enjoy working with and assisting my former students at KSQ. Q: What special skill sets do you bring to the team at KSQ? A:  I believe that I bring interior architecture and millwork detailing, hand-drawn presentation, research and mentoring skills.  With my practicum design and teaching experience, I can be a resource for our interiors team. Q: How has the switch from classroom to office been going for you? A:  The career transition from OSU to KSQ was a smooth one for me.  Even while teaching, I have always been involved with the professional design community through student internships, professional meetings, and a private practice assisting architectural and interior design firms on a contract basis with construction documents and presentation illustrations.  The only personal challenge for me is getting used to an 8 to 5 responsibility five days a week; so I just need that cup of coffee in the morning for sure! There are many opportunities working for a firm, particularly KSQ. I have long-standing relationships I hope to introduce to the firm, integrate my interest in product design and writing–as I hope to publish another design education book someday!