Company Culture

When you walk into a store or a restaurant you instantly gain a sense of the company's unique identity due to the culture it has cultivated. The company's shared beliefs, assumptions, and values affect everything from the floorplan to the particular vernacular employees use. This principle transcends all industries. How co-workers interact and work together shapes the company's character and personality for better or worse. 

With the job market full of opportunities people are no longer considering jobs based on competitive pay and benefits alone, they want to join a company with a positive work culture. We can all name a few attributes that make work-cultures positive or negative: Respect, Transparency, Fun, and Challenging or Demanding, Outdated, Micromanaging, and Unethical. It's the shared values and normal behavior of employees that shape the culture over time and make it unique. 

With the job market changing our team took some time to reflect on the culture at KSQ Design and identified five essential values that shape our company.

Creativity. Probably more than anything else, creativity is the common link connecting the people behind KSQ Design. Our team members are always thinking outside the box to solve design challenges. 

"We have a variety of projects between our New York and Tula Office. It's a really great learning experience and stretches our creativity working in a variety of markets." - Andrea Arrieta, Interior Design I

Collaboration. We really do believe a good idea can come from anyone and if you don't know the answer, just ask!

"The building we're in allows for us to be more collaborative. Even if I am not working on a particular project I have the opportunity to listen to what is going on in the different stages of the project. I can keep learning or if I have a question about construction administration or documentation I know I can ask anyone." -Christian Garcia, Associate 

Engaging. Strong relationships with frequent communication help our team remain interested. 

"I like working with the people at KSQ. I find the staff to all be very friendly, supportive, and competent. I have a lot of trust and confidence in the firm's leadership. They are also really good at letting you know you are appreciated." - Douglas Kay, 

Flexibility. We recognize that work is only one of the many facets of our team's life. 

"As a mom of a four-year-old who demands a lot of time - flexibility is really important to me. KSQ Design gives me the flexibility I need with my hours to allow our family to remain central." - Christian Garcia, Associate 

Diversity. We believe that our workforce should reflect the vast diversity of the communities we serve.

"The diversity within our firm gives me a global perspective of both design and life. Our different backgrounds, talents, customs, and the unique traditions we get to share have been an important part of my personal and professional growth." - Allison Cyrus, Marketing Coordinator