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KSQ has been visiting K12 schools throughout the country for career days and while judging the NAWIC LEGO Block Kids competition recently we met a shy 6th grader named Justin who was one of the top finishers in his bracket. After the competition, Justin’s grandmother approached us to express her gratitude and share her grandson’s interest in the design field. We then coordinated an office visit for both of them to help Justin get a better understanding of the architecture and engineering careers…

While Justin is still torn between becoming an engineer or an architect, his mind didn’t ignore a single detail of the tour.  After introducing himself to everyone in the office, Justin and his grandmother sat down with me and we explored all the programs we utilize to complete a project.  In no time Justin was massing foundations and pulling building masses high into the air in SketchUP.  After adding some sports cars and even Iron Man into the model, he then watched his creation come to life while it rendered.

After a few hours of talking about Legos, superheroes and our favorite cities/buildings, Justin understood how fun and expressive the design field is. He plans on spreading the knowledge that he gained to his class and encouraging fellow students to partake in office visits at such a young age. Justin is already working on becoming fluent with many of the programs we use at home and plans on sending his designs to our office for critique. It’s only a matter of time before the student becomes the master.

(lL to R) Principal Wayne Gregory, AIA, Justin, and Nick Reese, Associate AIA, during Justin's visit to our Charlotte office.

(lL to R) Principal Wayne Gregory, AIA, Justin, and Nick Reese, Associate AIA, during Justin’s visit to our Charlotte office.

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