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Biomimicry: Design Solutions Inspired by Nature


Nature offers the best design with work typically unseen or noticed on a daily basis. Despite all of the differences between organisms and the complexity of ecosystems, in nature every factor is planned and executed in perfection with all resources maximized. In the human world, we are constantly trying to solve problems in all fields, such as medicine, engineering, psychology, and, of course, architectural and interior design. Our solutions, though, are not always clear or the most efficient. But what would happen if we looked to nature as our inspiration to more sustainable and efficient problem solving? more


Why WELL? Going Beyond Design to Total Health


Over the past few decades professionals involved in the planning and construction of buildings have grown increasingly concerned about the impact of the built environment over the planet and humankind. Third-party building certification systems such as LEED, Green Globes, and Energy Star have been developed to evaluate and rate the performance of projects while also serving as a sustainability guide during design and construction. Recently The WELL Building Standard was created and launched as another certification system, but WELL certification focuses specifically on human health and well-being and evaluates the impact of the built environment on people’s mental and physical health. more